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Protein Expression and Purification

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Custom Protein Expression and Purification includes the following procedures:
  1. Expression plasmid construction: the gene of interest will be amplified and isolated from the customer-supplied vector and subcloned into a prokaryotic expression vector. The authenticity of the target gene will be confirmed by PCR, restriction enzyme digest and DNA sequencing.
  2. Transformation: transform expression plasmid into a high-efficiency expression bacterial host.
  3. Small-scale induction and expression: the expression of target proteion is tested in 3ml culture medium at various of temperatures. The expression rate and the size of target protein will be evaluated by SDS-PAGE.
  4. Large-scale induction and expression: Certain amount of bacterial culture (depending on the quantity of target protein) will be induced and harvest for protein purification.
  5. Inclusion body isolation and renaturation*: Purify the inclusion body of target protein, recover its activity by in vitro refolding.
  6. Purification: target protein will be purified at either native or denature conditions with affinity chromatography (i.e. Ni-NTA for proteins with 6XHis tag, glutathione-beads for proteins with GST-tag, chitin-beads for proteins with CBD-tag).

*: this step will be omitted if the target protein is soluble and active in bacterial lysate.

Timeround: 2-4 weeks
Presentation: solution or lyophilized powder
Storage: -20C

Custom Protein Expression and Purification Catalog
Catalog Number Size Purity Price
PEP-1A 1-5mg >75% $2400
PEP-1B 1-5mg >90% $2800
PEP-2A 10-25mg >75% $2750
PEP-2B 10-25mg >90% $3200
PEP-3A 1-1000g >75% Inquire
PEP-3B 1-1000g >90% Inquire

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