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Peptide Synthesis and Purification

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Peptides are synthesized by the solid phase method using FOMC chemistry at 25 mmol, 50 mmol, 100 mmol, 500 mmol and up to 15,000 mmol scales. Averagely, 25 mmol scale will yield 12-18 mg of a 10-residue peptide and 20-40 mg of a 20-residue peptide. We offer several production scales and purity levels to meet your needs. For quality control, the purity of each synthetic peptide will be analyzed with C18 reverse phase HPLC, and its molecular weight and structure will be verified with mass spectrometry.

Timeround: 2-4 weeks
Presentation: Lyophilized powder
Storage: -20 to 70 C in desiccators

Peptide Synthesis and Purification Catalog
(3-30 residues with standard L-amino acids*)
Catalog Number Size Purity Price
PSP-1A 2-6 mg >70% $12/residue+$100
PSP-1B 2-6 mg >80% $12/residue+$150
PSP-1C 2-6 mg >95% $12/residue+$200
PSP-2A 10-20 mg >70% $18/residue+$150
PSP-2B 10-20 mg >80% $18/residue+$215
PSP-2C 10-20 mg >95% $18/residue+$350
PSP-3A 25-50 mg >70% $24/residue+$180
PSP-3B 25-50 mg >80% $24/residue+$250 
PSP-3C 25-50 mg >95% $24/residue+$400 
PSP-4A 100-200 mg >70% $36/residue+$215
PSP-4B 100-200 mg >80% $36/residue+$300
PSP-4C 100-200 mg >95% $36/residue+$500
PSP-LA 500-1,200 mg >70% Inquire
PSP-LB 500-1,200 mg >80% Inquire 
PSP-LC 500-1,200 mg >95% Inquire 

* For peptide length or amount not listed in above table, please contact our sales representatives.

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